Artists Statement

My family and the home are the starting point of my work; I explore the histories of the technologies that we use to document memory and life. I am fascinated by the routines that we engage with the camera in order to maintain our ideas of family and the home.

As the hearing child to profoundly deaf parents my work draws on languages of communication embedded in the social relationships and contexts of the everyday. In addition to this, the development of my father's blindness and Alzheimer’s has made me question deeper into the role of photography and video as a conduit for memory.

I delve into photographs and videos from family archives and contemplate on how these artefacts provide us with grounding in our history. I explore questions surrounding the truth and fragility of our documented histories and the potential flaws that are inherent.

My current practice is centred on the digital replication of old artefacts and the decaying process of all mediums and how this can play as an allegory for the distortion of memory. I am developing parts of my practice that stem from lens-based mediums into installations that reproduce and expand still and moving image sources.

I hold an MA in Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2013 and a BA in Film and Video, Newport Film School 2002. I have received a Grants for the Arts award and an Artists International Development award both from the Arts Council of England. I was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 and since then highlights include winning the Celeste Prize, completing a year-long residency at The Florence Trust and taking part in shows in the UK, Italy, Tehran and New York. My film poem The Lost Reels 2002, has won numerous awards and still gets screened internationally to this date.